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I am a multimedia artist based in Duluth, MN. I have exhibited in group shows, collaborated on music videos, and am currently preparing for my first solo exhibition, titled then and here and all at once, to be shown...sometime after COVID. 

Using paper, wood, glass, stop motion animation projections, and any other material I find, I create self-reflective work as a means to develop empathetic and genuine relationships that I, as an introvert, often find difficult to make. Through this I have come to learn that artwork which communicates my internal dialog can help others build emotional intelligence and empathy.

The name of my studio, AllHisBark Studio, comes from a story I wrote about a tree who fell in love with the earth he was planted in. As he grew, the tree did everything he could to shelter the earth. Alas, it was an unrequited love. The earth was pretty sure he couldn’t care less about that tree. In fact, he was really annoyed with how the tree was always doing nice things for him without the earth asking for it. But the tree didn’t mind. He didn’t expect anything in return from the earth. The tree went on loving the earth with all his bark, until finally he realized maybe the most loving gesture he could do would be to leave. So, he did. It was only then, with a giant hole in his heart, did the earth realize what a terrible blunder he made.


Happy trails!

- Maggie

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